Misty Bastian: “Witches and “Cheap Christians” Confessions of Diabolic Temptation Among Nigerian Pentecostals” – November 28, 2006

Throughout the 1990s and the early years of the twenty-first century, Nigerian Pentecostal Christians began to produce a number of pamphlets and novellas about the ongoing battle between Pentecostals and demonic members of the undersea or underworld “kingdoms”. Professor Bastian will discuss a particularly rich Pentecostal novella, Abali O. Abali’s Rescued by Christ: The Witch (2000), which offers its readers a fictionalized, “insider” account of contemporary Nigerian witchcraft, focusing on how witches attack and subvert the faith of Pentecostal Christians. Echoing, perhaps, the education and social experience of its author, the novella describes a spiritual world that partakes of features of global modernity (accountancy practices, contemporary technologies, fast food) and more local cosmologies (human-animal transfigurations, spiritual cannibalism, the use of power objects).



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